JazzReach Presents Blue Note Jazz Festival for KIDS! ft. METTA QUINTET

Blue Note Jazz Festival & JazzReach Present
Big Drum / Small World & Ellington!
Sets at 10AM & 12PM, Doors at 9:30 & 11:30AM


Community Works Theater Connections, in partnership with JazzReach, proudly presents The Blue Note Jazz Festival for Kids! This string of events, taking place at New York City’s own Highline Ballroom, introduces young students to the sound, history, and culture of jazz music and some of its most famous artists.

Today’s 10AM show is Big Drum / Small World. This immersive, globally-themed multimedia program features performances of music by internationally recognized jazz composers hailing from countries as diverse as West Africa, Israel, Cuba, Puerto Rico, India, and the US. The objectives of the show are to promote the value of creative collaboration and to provide a forum to explore our differences, share ideas, and discover common ground.

Today’s 12PM show is Ellington! This presentation is a highly engaging, interactive live multimedia educational program that aims to illuminate the rich, vital legacy of the great American composer, pianist, and bandleader, Duke Ellington. Through the creative integration of live music, captivating video projections, live narration, and numerous audience participation segments, Ellington! introduces new generations to a wide variety of Duke’s musical achievements.


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June 6, 2012 10:00 am
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Highline Ballroom
United States