JazzReach Presents Blue Note Jazz Festival for KIDS! ft. METTA QUINTET

Blue Note Jazz Festival & JazzReach Present
Stolen Moments and Miles Davis & The Blue Flame Incident
Sets at 10AM & 12PM, Doors at 9:30 & 11:30AM


Community Works Theater Connections, in partnership with JazzReach, proudly presents The Blue Note Jazz Festival for Kids! This string of events, taking place at New York City’s own Highline Ballroom, introduces young students to the sound, history, and culture of jazz music and some of its most famous artists.

Today’s 10AM show is Stolen Moments: The First 100 Years of Jazz. This program highlights the interplay between the jazz movement and the evolution of American culture throughout the 20th century, emphasizing the ways in which jazz has acted as a unifying force, bridging cultural, ethnic, and economic differences; stimulated cultural fusions and new stylistic idioms; exemplified democratic ideals; and influenced other genres of music, both in the US and abroad.

Today’s 12PM show is Miles Davis & The Blue Flame Incident. This all-new live multimedia program celebrates the groundbreaking achievements of the iconic trumpeter, bandleader, and cultural provocateur, Miles Davis. The program traverses Davis’s extensive career and features music from some of his most fertile creative periods. Using both jazz history and 20th-century American history as backdrops, Miles Davis & The Blue Flame Incident will engage, inform, and enlighten student audiences about one of the most compelling, infinitely creative, and trailblazing artists the world has ever known.


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June 5, 2012 10:00 am
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Highline Ballroom
United States