Spokinn Movement

At Blue Note Jazz Club – Show at 12:30AM (Doors at 12AM)

Spokinn Movement is the next live band the hip-hop world has been waiting for. Spokinn Movement has recorded one full-length album, “60-Minute Spin Cycle” on their own label, Chocolate Marauder Records. It has garnered critical acclaim from various publications including Boston’s The Dig, hiphoplinguistics.com, and CDBaby, which gave the album 5 out of 5 stars. Spokinn Movement has also brought their outstanding live show to the UK with great success, as well as playing classic venues at home in the USA like the world famous Blue Note and Webster Hall, all without any major record company support. They contributed 2 songs to the New York City Subway “Songs From The Underground” compilation CD. Those songs, “Apes” and “Flows”, held the #1 and #2 spots for over a month for all compilations on iTunes, giving them a huge online, commercial presence. Spokinn Movement is four gifted musicians doing what they do best: make dope music.

iLLspoKinN, on vocals, is a talented lyricist who has made a deep impression on the New York and Boston hip-hop scene through his extraordinary writing and amazing freestyles. ILLspoKinN’s writing tackles thought provoking social issues, reflects on personal experiences, and tells compelling stories, all with unparalleled bravado. His trademark freestyles and incredibly engaging stage presence give Spokinn Movement shows the jaw-dropping excitement they are notorious for. “Y’all don’t know what to expect”, but you know it will have you wanting more.

Dave Cinquegrana, on guitar, guitar synth, and live loop sampling, has honed his unique art of making sounds to a science. Well versed in many styles of music including R&B, jazz, hip hop (of course), rock, etc…, Dave brings it all to the table, creating a totally original soundscape that he can also pull off live. Fans often wonder where all those sounds are coming from… it’s Dave, doing his thing.
Chris Cuzme, on bass, provides the solid harmonic foundation necessary in hip-hop. Adept at laying it down, the powerful rumble of Cuzme’s instrument keeps Spokinn Movement anchored. He is also a world-class saxophonist, and brings a fresh perspective to the bass from his extensive experience on sax. Giving the solid foundation he has always craved as a soloist, Cuzme is the heartbeat of Spokinn Movement, pumping its life’s blood: the groove.

Yoni Halevy, on drums, is energy personified. An amazing combination of time, feel, chops, and taste, Yoni rounds out the lineup with authority. No hype-man necessary in this hip hop band, Yoni has an almost telepathic connection with iLL’s phrasing, accenting his lyrics with precision, while laying down beats to keep the heads noddin’, and the bodies moving.

The creativity of these four musicians will make timeless changes to the face of music. Their compositional skill and studio prowess is only rivaled by their electrifying live show. They draw from the strong heritage of hip-hop, giving a nod of approval to the masters before them, while looking off into the future, prepared to make their own personal contribution. Music the youth can relate too and the mature can respect, Spokinn Movement is a revolution in hip-hop, prepared to make things right in a music that may have lost its way.

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June 22, 2013 11:55 pm
Blue Note Jazz Club
United States