Nina Simone Tribute w/ Magic Man Sam Waymon

At Lucille’s Bar & Grill – Show at 8PM (Doors at 6PM)

Jazz/Blues recording artist, Sam Waymon, is the brother of and former musical director for Eunice Waymon, the given name of the legendary Nina Simone. Sam toured and recorded with Nina for over 10 years, performing with her all over the world. Join him and his “Magic Band” as he pays tribute to his sister, covering a set of songs that Nina played, while giving the audience behind-the-scenes insight on what it was like to be in concert with her in the 60’s and 70’s.

Following the first set tribute, Sam Waymon and the Magic Band will perform eclectic sets of blues, soul and R&B jazz in Sam’s own inimitable style.

Sam Waymon & The Magic Band is an outgrowth of the musical vision of Sam Waymon. Born in North Carolina, Sam began his musical odyssey playing along with his sister, Eunice. His sister left North Carolina in the ’50s and traveled north to pursue her career. Along the way she dropped her given name and became one of music’s most influential and independent musicians, known as Nina Simone. Sam worked with his sister for over ten years but finally broke away to develop his own style that combined everything from gospel to jazz.

In his present band, Waymon has assembled a group that shares his vision of promoting the best of original American music – namely R&B, blues, and jazz. Featuring Waymon’s own repertoire of over 400 songs as well as covers of some classic tunes, the band can rock and soul any audience. The group’s influences run the gamut of musical tastes from Marvin Gaye and Ray Charles to Stevie Ray Vaughn and Bob Dylan. Capable of doing songs in any style from bossa to blues, the group does not hesitate to take any song and brand it with its own distinct stylings and sounds. This dynamite ensemble is truly a renaissance band from a master of the genre, Mr. Sam Waymon.

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June 22, 2013 8:00 pm
United States