High & Mighty Brass Band

At Hester Street Nights – 5-10PM

The High and Mighty Brass Band! (HMBB!) is a party in progress. Their performances are both fiercely entertaining and refreshingly inspiring. Not only do they have musical talent, but they also have a level of camaraderie that is highly unusual in newer groups.

The group’s sincere enthusiasm and dynamic energy connects with every audience member who is willing to participate. Their sound is a mix of classic New Orleans Funk, R&B and more modern influences of Afro-Beat and Hip Hop.

“Rolling 7 deep,” HMBB includes Kevin Louis on Trumpet, Chad Gales on Alto Sax, Mark Williams on Trombone, Ron Caswell on Tuba, Jesse Barnes on Guitar, Evan Howard on Drums and Jamie Neumann, Dancer and Percussionist: everyone sings and everyone plays.

Beginning with a heavily percussive and tribal groove, the horns weave through solos, building and stretching the energy to its limits. Just catch one of their upcoming performances in the New York City area and see for yourself!

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June 6, 2013 5:00 pm
Hester Street Nights
United States