@ B.B. King Blues Club & Grill – Show @ 8PM (Doors @ 6PM)

“A Horse with No Name,” “Sister Golden Hair,” “Ventura Highway,” “Tin Man,” and more – these classic tracks epitomize the sound of Grammy-winning rock group America, led for over four decades by Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell. The two met in high school in London (along with former bandmate Dan Peek) in the late ’60s and quickly harmonized their way to the top of the charts on the strength of their signature song “A Horse with No Name.” America quickly became a household name, with an impressive string of hits following that first No. 1 single. Over 40 years later, these friends are still making music together, touring the world and thrilling audiences with their timeless sound.

America’s long journey has found the band exploring a wide variety of musical terrain. The group’s best-known tunes, which also include “I Need You,””Don’t Cross The River,” and “Lonely People,” were cornerstones of ’70s Top 40 and FM rock radio. Yet beyond the band’s impressive catalog of hits, listeners would discover there was always much more to America than surface perceptions. The combination of Beckley’s melodic pop rock and Bunnell’s use of folk-jazz elements, slinky Latin-leaning rhythms, and impressionistic lyric imagery contrasted well with Dan Peek’s more traditional country-rock leanings and highly personal lyrics. America’s albums – six certified Gold and/or Platinum – displayed a fuller range of the trio’s talents than did the group’s singles. From effects-laden rockers and oddball medleys to soul-bearing ballads, the band displayed a flawless blend of disparate genres and styles.

From its formative years, America has been a band capable of transcending borders with its uplifting music and positive message. Embracing a rainbow of divergent cultures, the group’s audiences continue to grow, comprising a loyal legion of first-, second-, and third- generation fans, all bearing testament to the group’s enduring appeal. “I think that the ingredients of the America sound are the basic fundamentals that translate internationally,” explains Beckley. “The Italians are huge fans of dance music, but they also love a ballad – they’re romantic at heart. It’s the same in the Far East. A lot of times in these countries, we see people singing along, and they don’t really know what the words mean. Music is truly the international language.” From anonymous horses to fast-moving trains, America’s extraordinary four-decade musical legacy of consummately crafted pop rock songs, trademark lush harmonies, and evocative lyrical landscapes will never go out of style.

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June 16, 2017
$69.50 - $110
B.B. King Blues Club & Grill