The Music of Buena Vista Social Club
Tribute to The Golden Age of Cuba

@ Subrosa – Shows @ 7:30PM & 9:30PM (Doors @ 6:30PM & 9PM)

Francois Wiss – Guitar & Vocals
Damian Quiñones – Guitar & Vocals
Danny Valdez – Percussion & Vocals

Born in Paris, Francois Wiss started playing piano at age 10, encouraged and supported by an entire family of musicians. At age 15 he picked up the guitar and studied over the years with maestros such as Pierre Culaz, Marc Benguigui, Belaid Ait Abdallah, Terry Fleming, and Mathias “El Mati” Berchadsky. From 1999 to 2004 he taught music in high-school in Paris. He moved to NY in 2004 and has been playing professionally since. He’s performed over 3000 shows in countless venues around the city.

Francois Wiss guitar playing mixes flamenco with Latin, folk, rock, jazz, and can be described best as “world music”. Improvisation and spontaneity are two key components of every performance, making each one of them unique.

Buena Vista Social Club Tribute Set List:

Chan Chan
Se Seco el Arroyito
Dos Gardenias
El Cuarto de Tula
Amor de Loca Juventud
El Carretero
Yo Vengo Aqui
Saludo Compay
Lagrimas Negras
Commandante Che Guevara
El Payande

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June 7, 2017
$16 - $20