Strings N Skins

@ Subrosa – Show @ 9:30PM (Doors @ 9PM)

Strings N Skins is a Brooklyn based band that takes you on journey around our mother earth. Honoring our origens and our ancestors in their journey to the new world. Join Strings N Skins on their musical journey where the stars are their GPS and their ship in their music.

“Language and location may be vested in the institutions that divide nations and tribes, but the rhythm that connects us all has never left a soul. Strings N Skins exemplifies a pan African rhythm that unites us and celebrates our similarities. individually accomplished in their own right, the members of Strings N Skins purposely share their personal accolades and create a sonic harmony determined to repair the world.” -Ro Johnson, BRIC TV.

Strings N Skins multilingual music ( English, Spanish, Creole) and traditional dances will take you on a journey through the world with their universal aura of sound.

Okai – Djembe / Lead Vocals
Luisa Bastidas – Violin/Vocals/Dance
John Cave – Guitar / Vocals
Jackie Coleman – Bass
Lautaro Burgos – Drumset

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June 9, 2017