Jason Stein & Friends – Blue Note Jazz Club Debut!

@ Blue Note Jazz Club – Shows @ 12:30AM (Doors @ 12:00AM)

Jason Stein was born in 1976 and is originally from Long Island, New York. Stein is one of the few musicians working today to focus entirely on the bass clarinet as a jazz and improvisational instrument. He studied at Bennington College with Charles Gayle and Milford Graves, and at the University of Michigan with Donald Walden and Ed Sarath. In 2005, Stein relocated to Chicago and has since recorded for such labels as Leo, Delmark, Not Two, Atavistic, 482 Music, and Clean Feed. Stein has performed throughout the US and Europe as both a bandleader and sideman and has amassed a discography of over 30 albums. In 2017 Stein won the El Intruso International Critics Poll in the clarinet/bass clarinet category, and was named in the Downbeat Critics Poll in the clarinet category.

“Stein has perfected a style of focused yet incendiary sonic exploration. ”
– Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat

“Stein is exhilarating, a young master of his fiendishly difficult horn.”
– Chris May, All About Jazz

“Stein has perfected a style of focused yet incendiary sonic exploration.”
– Brian Zimmerman, Downbeat

“Stein has been a fixture on Chicago’s jazz and improvised-music scene for 12 years, playing his notoriously unwieldy instrument with fluidity, soul, and grace.”
– Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

(Stein’s success results from the) “bold independent voice Stein brings to his instrument, and the ability he has to pull those around him into his orbit.”
– Lloyd Sachs, JazzTimes

“Chicagoan bass clarinetist Jason Stein flaunts a categorical, spirited sound that can be concurrently explosive and melodic.”
– Filipe Freitas, JazzTrail

“Stein’s work nods to Dolphy’s groundbreaking music, especially the angular beauty of his Out to Lunch album, but he has developed a unique and personal approach to the instrument that is all his own.”
Tim Niland, Music and More

“Stein stands apart from the standard instrumental lineage. Whereas a player like Eric Dolphy or Michel Portal builds on wide intervallic leaps and verticality, Stein (like Michel Pilz, Rudi Mahall or John Tchicai) operates in a horizontal fashion, favoring a breadth of twists and turns more sideways than anything else, woven into a post-Ornette fabric.”
– Clifford Allen, All About Jazz

“Stein is a pacesetter in multiple ways.”
– Andrey Henkin, NYC Jazz Record

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June 16, 2018
Blue Note Jazz Club