European Sounds Series: Lithuania – Dalius Naujo Band

@ Blue Note Jazz Club

Shows @ 11:30AM & 1:30PM (Doors @ 10:30AM & 1PM)

**Price includes brunch, music and a drink.**

Dalius Naujo Band presented by the Lithuanian Culture Institute

Featuring: Kirk Knuffke – Trumpet, Michael Formanek – Bass, Jonathon Haffner – Sax, & Dalius Naujo – Drums

Dalius Naujo is a genius percussionist who has lately moved into conducting and composing. He is not normal! He is totally pocessed by his art, nothing else matters to him! The muses of music have made him lose his mind, he is moving ahead unpredictably and dangerously, as all poets do.“ – Jonas Mekas (

A pilgrim of the avant-garde experimental music and free jazz scene and currently based in New York, Dalius Naujokaitis-Naujo started his musical career in Lithuania and regularly returns for various projects. He is a free musician playing free music, devoid of musical clichés and stylistic boundaries, disregarding traditional means of sound production and customary creative forms. The texture of Naujokaitis’s music has absorbed a rich universe of sound – it contains musical elements from different countries and regions, features from various trends and genres, as well as sounds and noises from the surrounding world. This creator and performer, distinguished by his extraordinary expressiveness, finds music everywhere, from the sounds of nature to the hum of cities. And in his hands very diverse objects – dishes, handrails, saws – turn into musical instruments. Bursting with vital energy, Naujokaitis values spontaneous music making very highly, participating with great passion in various performances, including many initiated by him.

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June 29, 2019
Blue Note